Patrick Lee

Hi, I build internet things!


I'm a software engineer and team lead at Noom where I help to lead the Growth team. I'm passionate about the intersection between marketing, experimentation, and software engineering. Helping companies scale is incredibly satisfying and I've found that Growth teams are where I can best apply my skills.

I am also quite fascinated with digital information organization systems. As a productivity geek, most of my time is spent figuring out how to be more productive, therefore making myself less productive. It's a vicious cycle. I started a small company called Collate Notes that sold a note taking app for a while. I also created an open source note taking Visual Studio Extension called VSNotes. I spend a lot of time thinking about information management and how to disseminate knowledge.

I took a pretty non-traditional path to where I'm at today. I dropped out of college, spent a few years working odd jobs. In my late twenties, I went back to school, starting at community college and completing my bachelors in Economics-Mathematics at Columbia University. Working as a data analyst, I discovered I hated building excel models. I subsequently fell in love with software development while learning Python and switched careers.

Software development is just another tool in my tool belt. I'm passionate about software that helps real people solve real problem. It's a huge bonus if I can do that at a very large scale.