About Patrick

Eyyy, Ohh! I'm walkin' here!

It's a me, Patrick!


I'm a software engineer, engineering manager, and team leader with experience building and scaling Growth teams. Helping companies scale is incredibly satisfying to me and I've found that Growth teams are where I can best apply my skills. I'm a huge proponent of being a grug brained, product-minded software engineer. Complexity demon bad.

I'm a productivity geek and love knowledge management systems. Most of my time is spent figuring out how to be more productive (therefore making myself less productive). I started a small company called Collate Notes that sold a note taking app for a while. I also created an open source note taking Visual Studio Extension called VSNotes. These days I'm a big fan of Obsidian.md.

I took a pretty non-traditional path to where I'm at today. I dropped out of college, helped open a paintball field, and worked as a paralegal. I went back to school later on, first starting at community college and completing my bachelors in Economics-Mathematics at Columbia University. When I left school, I became a data analyst. I soon discovered I was not a fan of Excel or cleaning data. I got into software development while learning Python for data analysis and got into web development.


Interested in my experience? Here's my Resume and LinkedIn. Check out my code on Github.

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