Hi, I'm Patrick.

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I’m a Full Stack Web Developer & Entrepreneur.


Hey! I'm Patrick! Thanks for dropping by.

I'm on Twitter. I contribute code on Github. I write about some of my experiences on my blog or about my projects.

Need a developer? I'm available for freelance work! Let's talk.

I started writing code a few years ago. I was hooked the first time I wrote an application that printed 'butt' to the console. I learned to code first as a way to better manipulate and clean data for my day job as a data analyst, then moving into web development. I've always been around computers and technology, but was more passionate about building a business than learning to write code. Receiving my Associates Degree from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, then a Bachelors in Economics Mathematics from Columbia Unviersity, I dreamed of running my own business. However, lacking experience, money, and connections, I ventured into the working world.

I've met a lot of great people and have grown tremendously since I graduated. I started a company called Collate, which is still trying to find it's niche and I'm still navigating the working world helping other people build their visions. I love the art of creation and am most excited with the prospect of creating new experiences and all the messy experimentation that goes with it.

I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn, and lived in New York my whole life. The city of White Plains is where I hang my keyboard these days with my wonderful wife Jane. When I'm not writing code, I enjoy creating delicious meals especially if it involves a grill, hanging out by a fire, and spending quality time with family and friends.