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Stripping jQuery and Bootstrap out of Laravel Passport's default components

I'm currently working on a project that uses Laravel 5.4 with Passport handling user authentication. We're fully committed to using Vue.js 2 with [Bulma]() (a css library) which means that we were able to strip out jQuery and Bootstrap. However, Passport's OAuth key management system depends on jQu...

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Date: March 21st at 2:42pm

How to Modify Your Mail Chimp Vanity Subdomain

When you create a landing page on mail chimp, you're given a domain like this:

If for some reason a different sub domain may show up, maybe one you've used in the past. To change it, you need to...

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Date: February 4th at 9:48am

Three Amigos

Three Amigos

Got OSX running in a VM and snapped a quick screenshot of this unlikely trio running on the same hardware.

  • OSX Terminal
  • Bash running on Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Windows Cmd

The future is now!

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Date: December 7th at 11:09pm

Five reasons to check out Gitlab

If you haven't checked out Gitlab, here are five reasons you should.

I begrugingly started using Gitlab at work, coming from a naive impression that Github was the defacto standard of hosted git repos. After using it daily for a year, I am pretty estatic about the software. If you haven't chec...

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Date: November 16th at 11:14pm

Switching to Grav

The Grav admin panel


Grav is a file based CMS which means no database. It's written in PHP, comes with an admin panel and package manager, and has the bells and whistles of Wordpress with the pared down minimalism of a static website generator like Jekyll. was in need of an update. I had swit...

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Date: October 22nd at 8:26pm

From Community College to the Ivy League

I dropped out of college at twenty. The next few years were spent at various jobs until I ended up as a legal assistant at a law firm. The firm was filled with fax machines, typewriters, and massive paper files.  What was the norm in 1988 was still the norm in the legal industry at the time.  It w...

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Date: February 12th at 11:41pm

Ubuntu Dell XPS 12 Convertible 9Q33

Date: December 20th at 11:53pm